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Eldridge, IA & the Quad Cities' certified metal roofing company

Metal roofing is durable and dependable. Materials Direct, LLC is a certified metal roofing company based in Eldridge, Iowa. With decades of experience, our team will assess any damage to your roof and tackle the repairs professionally and efficiently.

Our team is also trained to work with shingle roofing.

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Your home's roof is incredibly important. It protects you and your family from the outside elements. Materials Direct will handle all your roofing services, whether you're missing shingles or there's a leak above your living room.

You can depend on our team for your...

  • Roof repair services, including insurance claims.
  • Roof replacement services.
  • Roof installation services.
  • Reroofing services.

We'll work directly with your insurance company to file the claim and get the job done ASAP.

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